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Like us – animals don’t like going to hospital, the smells of fear and illness can be quite stressful for them. Being treated in the home and allowing them to get better at home removes both exposure to sick animals and stress or anxiety, from the job of healing. It can be stressful for the humans too! Whether it be travel issues, children, a multi-pet household, illness or injury, pet anxiety or busy schedules, having The Roaming Vet come to you is a much more pleasant experience for everyone.


The Roaming Vet and your animal get to know each other. No more having to explain your story every time. Much the same as a family GP, Romy enjoys a great relationship with your loved animal and their individual situation and can recognise when things are not right.


No more sitting around in waiting rooms filled with all kinds of animals for extended periods of time. Dr Romy is a mother of six (3 two and 3 four legged!), has a partner and runs a home, so she appreciates the importance of effective time-management and convenience. Stay home, have a cuppa, get on with things, the Roaming Vet is on the way!


For a fraction of the cost of a clinic- based house call and similar to going to the vet, give The Roaming Vet a try, be warned – you won’t look back! Don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonial page.