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Let The Roaming Vet come to your home!

Romy Feldman graduated with first class Honours in Veterinary Science from Sydney University. She has been a practising vet since 1999 in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Prior to this she obtained a science degree majoring in Biochemistry and Microbiology with first class Honours and worked in the Breast Cancer Unit at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. More recently she appeared on and was the Veterinary consultant for the ABC’s children’s animal show Creature Features. You may have heard Dr Romy on the radio recently encouraging healthy pet ownership or on TV as the Veterinary health ambassador on the Bayer Advantage A-Team along with former Olympian Giaan Rooney and photographer David Darcy.

Over the years working in clinic based practice, Romy has become increasingly aware of the difficulty some people face in getting to the vet for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be travel issues, children, a multi-pet household, illness or injury, pet anxiety or busy schedules, sometimes the experience can be quite stressful all round.

Romy is a mother of three school aged children, has a partner and runs a home, so she appreciates the importance of effective time-management and convenience in many people’s lives.  For these reasons ‘The Roaming Vet’ was established in 2008. So if you think the vet coming to you sounds like a good idea, for a price that is affordable and comparable to you going to the vet, please give our service a try.

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